Optimizing Key-Value Stores for Hybrid Storage Architectures

Prashanth Menon, Tilmann Rabl, Mohammad Sadoghi, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In Proceedings of CASCON, 2014.


Flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) are increasingly becoming a popular choice as a storage device within database management systems and key-value stores alike. SSDs offer fast throughput and low latency access to data, but their price-per-byte cost often makes them uneconomical for exclusive use, especially in the era of big data workloads. A common solution to this problem is to augment existing database systems by adding smaller SSDs that target only performance-critical areas. We believe this hybrid approach to be a stop-gap solution.

Rather than simply extending existing systems with SSDs, in this work we completely re-architect how a key-value database operates in a hybrid storage setting with both small but fast SSDs and slower but high-capacity HDDs. We formulate an accurate I/O cost model to study how popular key-value stores behave under several varying representative workloads. Based on these studies and taking a holistic approach, we design a system that dynamically optimizes the data layout and access strategy that leverages the strengths of each available storage medium.


Tags: key-value stores, leveldb

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