Brief Announcement: Constructing Fault-Tolerant Overlay Networks for Topic-based Publish/Subscribe

Chen Chen, Roman Vitenberg, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC), pages 184 - 186, July 2013.


We incorporate fault tolerance in designing reliable and scalable overlay networks to support topic-based pub/sub communication. We propose the MinAvg-kTCO problem parameterized by k: use the minimum number of edges to create a k-topic-connected overlay (kTCO) for pub/sub systems, i.e., for each topic the sub-overlay induced by nodes interested in the topic is k-connected.

We prove the NP-completeness of MinAvg-kTCO and show a lower-bound for the hardness of its approximation. With regard to MinAvg-2TCO, we present GM2 , the first polynomial time algorithm with an approximation ratio. With regards to MinAvg-kTCO, where k >= 2 , we propose a simple and efficient heuristic algorithm, namely HararyPT, that aligns nodes across different sub-overlays.

We experimentally demonstrate the scalability of GM2 and HararyPT under representative pub/sub workloads.


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