Big Data Challenges in Application Performance Management

Tilmann Rabl, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, and Serge Mankovskii.

In 5th Extremely Large Database Conference, October 2011.


Many web companies deal with enormous data sizes and request rates beyond the capabilities of traditional database systems. This has led to the development of modern Web Data Platforms (WDPs). WDPs handle large amounts of data and activity through massively distributed infrastructures. To achieve performance and availability at Internet scale, WDPs restrict querying capability, and provide weaker consistency guarantees than traditional ACID transactions. The reduced functionality is sufficient for many web applications. High data and query rates also appear in application performance management (APM). APM has similar requirements like current web based information systems such as weaker consistency needs, geographical distribution and asynchronous processing. At the same time, APM has some unique features and requirements that make previously published research and existing architectures inapplicable.


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